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Askari Puhkemaja Tartus

Askari Guesthouse’s internal rules

General provisions
Askari Guesthouse situates in Sipelga Street 2, Räni village, Ülenurme parish. Guesthouse is owned by LLC Askari.
Current Internal rules (thereafter Rules) apply to whole Askari Guesthouse’s territory, including all buildings on territory (thereafter Territory). The representative of the Askari Guesthouse (thereafter Representative) in the terms of the current Rules is: employee or manager of Askari Guesthouse.

1. Rights of entrance
1.1 To Askari Guesthouse can get only along given and accordingly marked gravel road, what has to use to get into the guesthouse or for leaving from Guesthouse. Going away along Sipelga Street more than 15 meters is forbidden (i.e. it is allowed to go along Sipelga street until to Askari Guesthouse’s parking lot’s Tartu side end). Using (or making) any kind of shortcuts to Tartu is strictly forbidden.
1.2 Right of entrance into the Askari Guesthouse is assured by paying the rental fee accordingly price list, what is verified by manager.

2. In Askari Guesthouse and Territory are FORBIDDEN:
2.1. Carry side arms and firearms and other harmful objects, pyrotechnical equipments, narcotic and other psychotropic substances. Security worker and/or Representative has power to decide whether in Rules not mentioned objects are harmful or not and whether those objects are allowed to bring into Guesthouse;
2.2. Any kind of behavior, what disturbs or is dangerous for Askari Guesthouses guests and attendants on Territory. To prevent any kind of such behavior, the security worker or/and Representative has right to call to order the disturber and/or send out of Territory.
2.3. Smoking, excl. special places for this (stone ash cans at main-, side- and backdoor), dropping cigarette stubs;
2.4. Dropping or throwing any kind of objects;
2.5. Breaking the house, furniture, furnishings, dishes, etc.;
2.6. Conducting hygienic procedures (including vomiting) in not given places;

3. Inside Askari Guesthouse and on its Territory MUST:
3.1. Each guest (including caterer, worker etc.) must follow Estonia Republic legislature and police’s, security worker’s and Representative’s legislative provisions;
3.2 each guest (including caterer, worker etc.) must keep order and cleanliness.

4. Interruption, canceling and calling off occasions
4.1. In case of interrupting, canceling or calling off occasion, what should take place or have taken place in Askari Guesthouse or on it’s Territory, then must turn to Caterer with pretensions.
4.2. In case of breaking the Rules, the Representative has right to punish the offender with oral warning or sending the offender away from Askari Guesthouse and Territory or/and giving the offender over to security workers or/and police.
4.3. Representative has right not allow the Rules broken person in to Askari Guesthouse and Territory anymore.

5. Guest’s rights
5.1. To use Guesthouse’s rooms, furniture, dishes accordingly to its using purposes.

6. Guest’s duties
6.1. In case of breaking rooms, furniture or furnishing inside Askari Guesthouse, the contractor of Rental agreement commits him/herself to compensate the damage, what has done to LLC Askari Guesthouse, according to answering repairing and buying checks.
6.2. Consuming food and drinks on the first floor of the Guesthouse (not take them to the second floor).

7. Subsidy and subsidy’s repaying
7.1. Subsidy will be returned after finishing Rental agreement in case ift during usage of Askari Guesthouse is followed Internal Rules and in case of potential damage, what is brought in point 6. is paid to LLC Askari (if necessary).
7.2. Subsidy is hold by up to 500 crones, if there is broken given Rules, especially point 1. (Entrance rights).
7.3. Subsidy is hold by up to 250 crones, if there has broken points 2, 3 and 5 in given Rules and if written damage in point 6 is bigger than 200 crones. If there has been broken several points (including several sub points), then will be hold by up to 250 crones for each violation. If hold by subsidy’s sum exceeds the sum of real subsidy, the contractor of Rental agreement is obliged to pay additionally Renter’s observed subsidies and real paid subsidy’s subtotal.
7.4 If subsidy is not paid, but the damage is done, then Representative has right to claim compensation in range of sums, which are given in Rules.

8. Ending provisions
8.1 With contracting rental agreement, the representative of guest(s) or contractor of Rental agreement accepts with given Internal Rules.
8.2. In cases of any kind of danger, which are mentioned below, is necessary to call right away and report about it Rescue Board (112), police (10) or LLC Askari Representative (53305040).
In case of fire, bomb threat or some other threat, guests must observe Representative’s and security workers arrangements, evacuation organizations and leave from Askari Guesthouse and if necessary from Territory without making panic

Modeena OÜ | Tartumaa, Ülenurme vald, Räni küla, Sipelga 2 | askari@askari.ee | (+372) 5330 5040